The site for this project is Denver, Colorado, specifically located somewhere within the existing mile long parking lot of the Coors field baseball stadium. The lot is situated to the north west of the downtown center in developing, formerly industrial, segment of the city. For the cinema project to have the best chance at success it must occupy an area of the site which can most easily integrate itself into the existing neighborhood and surrounding community while still maintaining a broader cultural presence.

The parking lot area on the East edge of Broadway Blvd as it crosses the site presents the best opportunity for appealing to the recently built residences all along Blake Street as well as commanding a prominent corner lot on a heavily traveled urban corridor. Originating from a prior understanding of arched member structures the project proposes a more radical system of relational arched members working not only independently, but also in tandem, to produce an overall architectural envelope for the cinema project. As the arched members of the system become more articulated in section producing variable spaces below over the course of a single span they are also bent towards one another in order to maintain stability, while still maintaining their overall curved line of force. The programmatic organization of the cinema project is primarily defined by the idea of the “cinema hall” as a new social space of the multiplex where a variety of movie related activities may be accommodated simultaneously. The differently sized movie theaters are situated on either sides of the interior each facing out to the hall. Access to all theaters is through this space as well as the concessions, restaurant and a flexible cultural space used for performances and various lecture events. Since the building envelope is independent from its interior, removing the intermediate partitions of the theaters allows for the cinema hall to accommodate the large crowds of the annual Denver film festival.

Project Type: Speculative
Date: 2008
Location: Denver, CO
Project Team: Ryan Ludwig