These stack side tables were designed to function as bedside night stands, sofa side tables or simply as small storage units to complement a variety of needs. The stack tables are made up of a series of simple “U” shaped sections each of a different height; these sections are able to be stacked one on top of another in any configuration, they are also able to slide out from center in order to adjust to a variety of needs. These tables can be used to store books, magazines, lights, speakers or any other moderately sized living object.

The stack side tables are simply designed with a white exterior lacquered paint finish and a variety of colored interior lacquered paint interiors. These schemes while flexible provide a variety of combinations and color adjacencies in order to provide both variety as well as a complimentary scheme. Each table unit base is edged with a painted aluminum angle slide that allows for movement as well as a distinct separation between each surface of the stack table.

Material: Birch Veneer Plywood; Aluminum Angle
Finish: Painted Lacquer; Powder Coated
Date: 2012