This modular table design is produced from a geometrically simple set of table modules which can be easily reconfigured into a variety of organizations able to accommodate a variety of uses. The three module types: square, tapered & trapezoidal, share common side lengths and angles easily allowing separate pieces to be aligned with many others. The ability of the system to produce a variety of configurations allows for it to serve both common utilitarian needs of say a dining table or as specialized needs as a multiple person work surface.

The version of these tables built for the Furnished exhibition at Syracuse University this past Fall where constructed out of wood (pine) and lacquered; the interior of the legs were also painted with a deep eggplant purple as a compliment to the natural wood. Color schemes may vary as per an individual's desire, however it is expected that the interior of the legs would typically be a bright or vibrant accent color to offset the tabletop surface.

Material: Wood (pine)
Finish: Painted & lacquered
Date: 2011