These patio chairs and tables are designed to be light, durable, easily stored and comfortable. The chairs are developed from an initial cube shape which is then sculpted to produce a seating surface and back support; the design is such that the chairs and tables are able to easily flip up and nest into one another for easy storage.

They are made from a light weight insulation material, EPS Geofoam which is then spray coated with an Polyurea elastic coating which is durable and will not crack when hit, but is elastic enough to absorb all contact. The interior surfaces of both the chairs and the tables are painted with a bright color. The chairs also have a thin reversible cushion that provides two different color options and is easily detachable with the Velcro straps that pull over top of the chair exterior.

Since both the chairs and the tables are made from the light weight EPS Geofoam they maintain a solid presence of a natural material like stone, but remain light enough to be easily picked up and stacked for easy storage. The Polyurea elastic coating, typically used for pool interiors is water resistant and able to withstand exposure to the elements experienced on many patios.

Material: EPS Geofoam
Finish: Polyurea Elastic Coating
Date: 2012