This project was an experiment in documenting the phase transition of H2O from its solid form (ice) into its liquid form (water) through the catalyst of rock salt; the images presented document a single piece of ice melting over an 80 minute period with a ink blot made at five minute intervals.

A mixture of water and black indian ink was made and then frozen into a circular volume. Once completely frozen the ice was removed and allowed to melt for a few minutes at room temperature. After this time rock salt was placed on one side of the ice's surface providing a further catalyst for the ice to melt, at this point documentation began in order to visually record the phase transition process. As time progresses the slat continues to accelerate the melting process and the original area of the ice's surface slowly decreases leaving less and less of an ink blot print.

The motivation for this experiment arose from an interest in visually documenting a process of phase transition that would otherwise only be understood through the individual phases themselves, what this experiment seeks to understand or perhaps simply visualize, albeit somewhat indirectly is the space between these otherwise stable phase states.

Project Type: Speculative
Date: 2011
Location: NA
Project Team: Ryan Ludwig