This project is for an interactive board game made entirely from two materials: a 1 cubic ft volume of wood and 4ft square area of plexi at 1/4" thickness. The goal of this game is simple, assemble five blocks in a row on your opponent's side of the board.

Instead incorporating the typical horizontal game board often used by traditional games such as checkers, chess or Monopoly here the board has been flipped up and thickened to produce a space in which the play of the game takes place as opposed to simply a surface on which it takes place. Players sit one on each side of the board facing the other, they take turns pushing in blocks originally situated at the median point towards their opponent's side. If a block is pushed onto ones side it may not be pushed back unless all the blocks of the entire board have been moved without a winning configuration. As play develops the once uniform surface of the board becomes more and more fragmented. Players may also shift blocks that have been pushed onto their side to another space along that row effectively using them as stoppers so that the remaining block behind can not be pushed forward, this move also further dematerializes the surface of the board allowing for actual views through it to the other side.

Project Type: Speculative
Date: 2006
Materials: Oak wood, Plexi
Project Team: Ryan Ludwig