This is a professional project worked on while employed at the architecture and design office MOS LLC* in New Haven, CT; this table system was designed for the Johnson Trading Gallery in NYC. The geometry of each individual module is generated from taking a circle, offsetting lines tangentially from the edge at a distance equal to the desired height and folding the material 90° from the eventual tabletop surface. The 36” diameter modules were laser cut from aluminum sheet and then bent on a CNC press brake.

After fabrication each module was sand blasted to remove scratches and imperfections of the surface and then anodized for further protection and to produce the desired coloration. Modules were designed so the sides of adjacent pieces match in profile and may be placed together in varying arrangements to form larger distinct groupings.

Personal responsibilities while working on this project included: developing the table design, producing fabrication documents and coordinating the fabrication/finishing processes with the respective fabricators.

Architect: MOS
Material: Aluminum sheet
Finish: Anodized
Date: 2009

*Additional information on this project and the work of MOS as well as the Johnson Trading Gallery can be found at www.mos-info.com and www.johnsontradinggallery.com