This project investigates a contemporary recapitulation of the Palladian Villa “type” focusing on the notion of the piano nobile and the extension of the building into the landscape as the two dominant organizational ideas.

This contemporary reuse results in a dichotomy between work and play, building and landscape, performance and meditation, public and private, business and pleasure. The villa is designed for a professional piano concerto performer and his family of four in the farmlands between two of New York’s Finger Lakes. The villa is to be a home for the family as well as a place for small piano performances, entertaining, and private internal practice. The villa sits on the periphery of an existing farm at the edge of a steep ravine; by creating a series of levels that step down negotiating the farm plateau and the ravine bottom the villa not only integrates itself into the land, but also provides a layering of spaces in which the many diverse activities occur. Each level may be thought to initiate a specifc programmatic function, all tied together through sequence and sectional organization. The Palladian piano nobile is transformed from a single raised plinth for surveying one’s land into a fluctuating stage upon which to perform, to live and to play.

Project Type: Speculative
Location: Podunk, NY
Date: 2006
Project Team: Ryan Ludwig