...PS1 YAP 2009

This is a professional project worked on while employed at the architecture and design office MOS LLC* in New York, NY. This project is for a temporary summer pavilion for the PS1 museum summer warm-up concert series. The title given to the project is Afterparty.

At the time of the competition design Wikipedia defined the term Afterparty by the following: "...a gathering that occurs after a party, a music concert, a premiere or the closure of a nightclub. An afterparty may provide additional social opportunities for people who do not want to return to their respective homes. The main purpose of the afterparty is to provide a relaxing environment, as compared to the earlier venue, where the atmosphere is usually more frenetic. During an afterparty people often sit down, relax, and chat freely, meet new people in a more controlled setting. If the original party was one that continued until late at night, the afterparty will often include a morning snack, which usually counts as breakfast. ....the afterparty can provide a chance for people to get away from the eyes of people who were overseeing the main party. This tends to be more common in events such as school balls where alcohol consumption is not allowed, and provides a location where the partygoers will be allowed to drink. In this case, the afterparty may turn out to be more lively than the main party, as the people are freed from the restrictions that were placed on them during the main party."

Personal responsibilities while working on this project included: developing the competition entry and design, producing fabrication documents, coordinating the fabrication process with fabricators / suppliers and overseeing parts of the onsite construction process.

Architect: MOS
Role: Designer & Project Manager
Location: PS1 MoMA Museum, Queens, NY
Date: 2009

*Additional information on this project and the work of MOS can be found at www.mos.nyc