This competition entry for the JA sponsored 2004 Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition is an investigation for a house of multiple dimensions looking at architecture as a spatial assemblage of moments.

The spaces of the typical dwellling have been stacked into three levels: privatized, domesticized, publicized, producing a compact centralized organization. These levels are phenomenally/experientially connected through sectional overlaps and spatial voids leading to formally unseen consequences . Through the extension of a ramp to the east the floors are physically stitched together resulting in a continuous spatial sequence and seamless surface of movement. Floor, wall stair, ceiling are the same; a continuum of surface. The house is designed for a family of three and is located on a generic “hillside” site. Although no specific location has been given the house reacts to the type conditions resulting in three distinct relationships: open face to the valley, fragmented internal containment, and directed horizon. Over time house participants interact with the architecture developing a new spatial consciousness of multiplicity and simultaneity between themselves, the house, and the landscape; a hyper transparency.

Project Type: Shinkenchiku Residential Design Competition
Date: 2004
Location: rural hillside
Project Team: Ryan Ludwig